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Smart World

How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world
Few topics today are more polarising: Will artificial intelligence destroy millions of jobs or will its use usher in a golden age? Opinions could not be more divided. “Smart World”, the new special exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology), bridges the gap between these two polar opposites.
until July 2024
A RACE AGAINST THE TIME. FROM THE THINKING_FORWARD_ EXHIBITION SERIES. Global warming and the energy crisis make a transition to sustainable energy more urgent than ever before. How can we accomplish the energy transition? What innovations help us do so and what can we all contribute in our daily lives?
until December 2024

Innovation Corner

Aerospace innovations
What technical innovations are currently underway? What ideas and inventions from Austria could change our world? The new exhibition series showcases current cutting-edge developments.

Science Corner: Room with a view. Living in space

A museum stage for research projects of the TU Wien
What technical innovations will influence our everyday life, our mobility, our industry or our communication in the future? The new exhibition area showcases current cutting-edge research.
until 28 April


A small group of teenagers look at various mopeds and motorcycles in the exhibition "Mobility".:


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