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Digital change, digital future: robots and artificial intelligence are finding their way into our private lives. They accompany us in our own four walls, assist us in traffic and give us inspiration in the creative process.
only until 26.10.2022

Science Corner: Caring Robots

A museum stage for research projects of the TU Wien
Which technological innovations will shape the future of our lives, our mobility, our industries or our communication? This new exhibition area presents cutting-edge scientific research and state-of-the-art technological developments.
Since 2017, the colour pink has been the focus of a research project at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology). Numerous new objects have been added to the collection. The existing objects in the depots have been reviewed for their colour. Some results of this research project will be posted online and presented as part of the installation entitled “Who owns PINK?”.
only until 16.10.2022

Nature and knowledge

Concepts and consequences
How do we gain knowledge from nature? Who uses it, and how? The exhibition gives visitors a partly experimental introduction to the subject and shows fundamental concepts and their application.
only until 16.10.2022



Tue 11.10.16:0016:45
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Tue 18.10.16:0017:15
Teacher Guide
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: A small group of teenagers look at various mopeds and motorcycles in the exhibition "Mobility".

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: Entrance hall with slogan "Stay safe, stay smart."

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