CURRENT Exhibitions


Innovation inspired by nature
Over the course of about 3.8 billion years of evolution, nature has adapted to a wide range of different conditions, creating ingenious phenomena, structures and processes. This exhibition illuminates how nature’s problem-solving skills can be transferred to technology.
until 3 September 2023

Women at Work

150th anniversary of the first Women’s Pavillon at the Vienna World’s Fair
Today almost forgotten, but revolutionary at that time: By setting up the so-called “Women’s Pavilion”, the 1873 Vienna World’s Fair made history, addressing the female working world for the first time. The anniversary exhibition illuminates this innovative concept and its implications in detail.
until 02 July 2023

Science Corner: Room with a view. Living in space

A museum stage for research projects of the TU Wien
What technical innovations will influence our everyday life, our mobility, our industry or our communication in the future? The new exhibition area showcases current cutting-edge research.

The 12.10

A Superlative Steam locomotive
It is the largest, heaviest, most powerful and fastest steam locomotive ever built in Austria: The 12.10!

Cherished – Praised – Unwanted

Household items between desire and reality
In this exhibition, the users of household appliances get a chance to speak, providing an insight into recollections of not only treasured companions, but also unwanted gifts and disappointed promises.