CURRENT Exhibitions

A RACE AGAINST THE TIME. FROM THE THINKING_FORWARD_ EXHIBITION SERIES. Global warming and the energy crisis make a transition to sustainable energy more urgent than ever before. How can we accomplish the energy transition? What innovations help us do so and what can we all contribute in our daily lives?
until 30 December 2024

Innovation Corner

Medical technology and life science
What technical innovations are currently underway? What ideas and inventions from Austria could change our world? The new exhibition series showcases current cutting-edge developments.

Science Corner

Printing the Future: Three-dimensional precision
A MUSEUM STAGE FOR RESEARCH PROJECTS OF THE TU WIEN. What technical innovations will influence our everyday life, our mobility, our industry or our communication in the future? The new exhibition area showcases current cutting-edge research.


The value of money
Money's significance extends far beyond its role as a medium of exchange for goods and services: the new exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) not only traces the historical evolution and constant changes in payment transactions but also highlights the tangible presence of cash in our daily lives.
New! / Level 2

The 12.10

A Superlative Steam locomotive
It is the largest, heaviest, most powerful and fastest steam locomotive ever built in Austria: The 12.10!

Women's Gallery

Strong Women in technology and science
The “Women's Gallery” is dedicated to a history of technology that has been largely shaped by women: they have always been researching, developing and inventing. The tour of the exhibition includes 14 stations structured around biographies that also address questions of work, education and training.