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Paper Experiments

Experiments at home, KW 15

School's closed, but your thirst for knowledge doesn't take a break? Here you will find exciting experiments out of paper. Have you ever wondered why paper is so absorbent? Why it is light and yet so resilient? Try our experiments and find out.

Paper is found in many objects and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it: from shopping bags to coffee filters to bank notes. On average, we consume about 250 kilograms of paper per year. Even the youngest ones gain a lot of experience with this special material: Who doesn't know that small children like to crumple, tear and cut paper. They enjoy looking at picture books, painting, constructing and designing their own pictures and objects.

Our experiments are fun for the whole family. The degree of difficulty of the experiments is indicated by one to three balloons per experiment on the sheet. The experiments are easy to understand, fun and provide an AHA-experience. Only harmless objects are needed, which can be found in every household. All experiments can be carried out individually and independently. See what you have in store and marvel together, there is a lot to discover!

At Downloads you'll find a german version of our experiments for the whole family (children 4+ years) for free. Have your children done an experiment? Share with us the best results on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtags #TechnikKinderleicht and #tmvienna !

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