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  • BERGwerk_237
    Guided tour/Activity


    How do people work deep underground? Visit the replica mine, genuine down to the smallest detail, under the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum).

  • Gleitentladung_hochspannung

    High-voltage demonstration

    A stunning show at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) whisks you away to the world of electrical charges and currents!

  • mITTEL LOK   10875
    Guided tour/Activity

    Locomotive presentation

    "All aboard!" - Experience a rather special steam locomotive in action!

  • 039_20111018_IN_ARBEIT
    Guided tour (Adults)

    Highlight guided tour

    In the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum), technology becomes an adventure over 22,000 m². We'll show you our greatest treasures and put you in the mood for your own journey of discovery through the museum!

  • Zugeschnitten_Ada.jpg
    FÜHRUNG (ERWACHSENE) - Internationaler Frauentag

    Patente Frauen

    To mark International Women’s Day the Technisches Museum Wien is organising a guided tour entitled Patente Frauen [Patently Ingenious Women] on March 10.

  • Führung

    The city - dynamic and innovative

    What actually is a city – and how does it evolve? On this guided tour we’ll examine these questions and look at what has changed over time.

  • gk170822_TMW-2620_rgb_end.tif


    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

  • Energy_Adults
    Guided tour (adults)

    Energy – From muscle power to power plant

    Mobile phones, PCs, lights – there are so many things in our everyday lives that could not work without electricity. But how did appliances used to work when there was no electricity, and how was heavy work carried out?

  • CRD_5594_Pilotenschule

    Mobility then and now

    How did people used to travel in the old days when there were no airplanes, cars or railways? How has our everyday life changed as a result of our greater mobility? Join us as we find out how transport has evolved over the years.

  • CRD_4793_macht musik

    Musik liegt in der Luft

    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

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