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  • CU3A2175_1_k02_Film ab! Spezialeffekte im Filmstudio.jpg
    Workshop (Grade 2.–10.)

    ‘And... action!’ Special effects in a film studio

    As small as a dwarf? As fast as a superhero? As creepy as a monster? How are movie special effects created? On our tour of the Museum you’ll find out how and when still images first became ‘movies’ and what the first films were about; we’ll also take a peek behind the scenes of a movie production.

  • In Bewegung Wege bauen
    Workshop (Grade 2 - 6)

    Above the clouds

    How come airplanes can fly? Who were the first human beings to take to the skies – and how did they do it? Get to know some daring pilots and fly with us through time!

  • VG0I9178_LOK.erlebnis
    Workshop (Kindergarten/Pre-school/Grade 1)

    All aboard for departure!

    Cars, steam locomotives or bicycles - come along and find out more about your favourite vehicle in the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum)!

  • CRD_7932_Abenteuer Forschung
    Workshop (Kindergarten/Pre-school/Grade 1)


    Would you have liked to be a sailor on a ship? Today we are putting to sea - travel with us into the colourful world of ships, oceans and soap bubbles!

  • Schlafsack_11087P
    Activity (Grade 4 - 8)

    Camp In

    Are you brave and adventurous? Pack your sleeping bag and torch, and spend an exciting night in the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum)!

  • CRD_8192_Shop
    Workshop (Grade 2 - 6)

    Chain, block and bag – bookmaking in the Middle Ages

    Join us on a journey 1,000 years back in time: experience two hours as a medieval monk and find out how books and paper were made in that day and age.

  • gk170822_TMW-3304_rgb_end.tif
    WORKSHOP (GRADE 5 - 10)

    Clean energy

    How eco-friendly is electric current? What electricity is the best? Is that even a question you can ask? In this workshop we’ll explore the different types of renewable energy.

  • VG0I8764_Natur und Erkenntnis
    Guided tour (Grade 9 - 13)

    Conformance - the standardization of everyday life

    What was it like to live in Vienna 100 years ago? Come with us on an historical journey to the time of "Red Vienna", the "Frankfurt kitchen" and the "Tröpferlbad" public baths!

  • AUP-002-O_18007526_Digibot.jpg
    (primary school classes; 110 minutes)

    Digibot – tracking digital education

    We are familiar with robots that assist us human beings – but how do they actually work?

  • FLUG_1407291_Mobilität
    Aktions-Führung (Grade 2.–5.)

    Electricity – Particles on a journey

    What actually is electricity? And where does it come from? Join us as we explore it all, with lots of experiments and exciting exhibits!

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