• Alban Berg_1 © Technisches Museum Wien
  • Alban Berg_2 Alban und Helene Berg bei Ausfahrt mit dem Ford A., © Technisches Museum Wien
Musical Instruments

Alban Berg and his Ford Model A


25 May 2016 to 2019

Alban Berg (1885–1935) is one the most influential composers of the 20th century, representing “The Viennese School“, a circle of composers led by Arnold Schönberg. Alban Berg’s music traverses late Romantic influences to twelve tone music.

Alban Berg harbored a passion for noble cars. In 1930 he fulfilled his dream by buying his first car, a Ford Model A.
Acquiring Alban Berg’s automobile and extensive collection of accessories was an amazing stroke of luck. Additional good fortune came in the form of the composer’s comprehensive literary remains, among which are countless documented examples of Berg’s dedication to his car.

This exhibition illuminates Albans Berg’s passion for technology and his dedication to experimentation with music.

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