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  • FA-123071

    ‘Postfuchs’ poster, 1970

    ‘Clever and quick’ – the Post Fox (Postfuchs) was a popular advertising mascot of the Austrian Post Office in the 1960s and 1970s. This poster is promoting advertisements in the official telephone book (ATB).

  • FA-117453

    Chlorodont chart, around 1950

    The name Chlorodont comes from the Greek word ‘chloros’ (green), as a symbol of freshness, and ‘odon’ (tooth).

  • FA-123065

    Copper - Krupp, Berndorf, around 1925

    This brochure of the Berndorf metal goods factory advertises a copper made from electrolytic copper, a copper metal with a high degree of purity.

  • FA-116502

    Poster for the Electropathological Museum, around 1930

    This poster from France is part of an extensive collection of 113 posters from 20 countries in 15 different languages. The posters warn against improper handling of electricity.

  • FA-123062

    Steyr Type 50 advertising brochure, 1936

    There are two faces to this advertising sheet for the Steyr Type 50: It is a handy brochure when folded, and also a decorative, informative poster.

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