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Mining and metallurgy, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering were the strong pillars of industry when the museum was founded at the start of the 20th century. The large objects of these groups, such as the hydroelectric generation set of the Ruetz Power Station in Tyrol, as well as the demonstration mine, still leave their mark on the profile of the historical collections from the second half of the 19th century. A new focus of the work of the collections is renewable energy.

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  • FA-116804

    ‘Alpine Miner’ F-6A part-face heading machine

    The F6-A Alpine Miner of the Österreichisch-Alpine Montangesellschaft in Zeltweg was used in Wolfsegg Traunthaler Kohlewerks AG works for mining Upper Austrian lignite.

  • Copper processing plant

    Copper ore was mined in Mühlbach am Hochkönig until 1977. Before the actual smelting, the ore has to be broken up and the base rock separated out.

  • FA-116785

    Disk shearer, EDW 150-2L

    More than 1,000 tonnes of coal in one shift. Full mechanisation was achieved in Austrian coal mining in the 1970s through the use of the disk shearer.

  • FA-123531

    Fleissner coal-drying plant

    Drying with steam – a paradoxical way to dry coal. When rough coal contains too much water, it is dried using saturated steam.

  • FA-108014

    Linz-Donawitz converter

    A witness to the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’! The Linz-Donawitz converter in the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) is witness to technical progress in Austria.

  • FA-123423

    Model of a bucket-wheel excavator

    A sandpit dream made steely reality: in the VABE 700, there is some impressive technology hiding behind the name of ‘compact bucket-wheel excavator’.

  • FA-117835

    Model of a stuckofen

    Friede den Hütten (peace to the smelters)! Have you ever wondered why imposing blast furnace plants or steel works are simply called ‘Hütten’ (‘huts’) in German? Smelting furnaces were placed in a hut to protect them against the weather. 

  • FA-116662_Modell einer Tiefbohranlage Rapid

    Model of a System Rapid deep-well drilling installation

    Already before the turn of the century, drilling installations were developed for the crude-oil areas of the Austrian province of Galicia, which reached deposits of crude oil up to 2,000 metres below ground.

  • FA-109569
  • 95557-000_1406332 Statuette Hl. Barbara

    Saint Barbara on duty

    The question of whether or not to believe does not even enter into it. To this day Saint Barbara is on duty at numerous oil exploration sites as the patron saint of miners – admittedly only in countries with a Christian tradition.

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