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Mining and metallurgy, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering were the strong pillars of industry when the museum was founded at the start of the 20th century. The large objects of these groups, such as the hydroelectric generation set of the Ruetz Power Station in Tyrol, as well as the demonstration mine, still leave their mark on the profile of the historical collections from the second half of the 19th century. A new focus of the work of the collections is renewable energy.

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Mechanical Engineering
  • FA-123489

    Corn mill (Retz windmill)

    A little bit of Holland in the Weinviertel: this model belonging to the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) shows a windmill from Retz in Lower Austria that is well worth seeing.

  • FA-120427

    Cut-away model of two water-column machines

    Why boil water when it will work without steam? Water-column machines work in a similar manner to steam engines.

  • FA-108027

    First (commercially-used) Kaplan turbine

    In 1913, Viktor Kaplan's turbine received Austrian patent no. 74244. The rotor, similar to a propeller, with its adjustable blades, is the main feature of this vertical-axis turbine.

  • FA-109591

    Model of an obelisk

    On the request of Pope Sixtus V, the obelisk was moved in 1586 in a meticulously detailed operation from the Circus Maximus to St. Peter's Square in Rome.

  • FA-123520

    Model of an overshot waterwheel

    From teaching room to museum: overshot waterwheels have been known in Europe since the Middle Ages. Mill building was for many years determined by the experience and traditions of craftsmen.

  • FA-123525

    Petrol engine by Siegfried Marcus

    Who invented the car? Don't worry, the tiresome question of paternity is not about to be readdressed. If Siegfried Marcus had really wanted to invent the car, it would certainly have turned out more elegantly.

  • ES-2010-L_17006245_Stromboje.jpg


    This is an Austrian development in small-scale hydroelectric power that adopts a different approach to massive interventions in the river landscape combined with high investment costs.

  • FA-116148

    The fire engine of Fischer von Erlach

    A successful transfer of technology saved the Habsburg state from bankruptcy: the steam engine replaced overloaded waterwheels in the battle against pit water.

  • FA-117483

    The first diesel engine built in Austria

    The rather different engine: for his engine, Rudolf Diesel first developed a scientific theory, which he then put into practice.

  • FA-108026

    Tubular boiler

    Munich sends greetings to Vienna: ‘Just like the cloak of St. Martin,’ this Alban tubular boiler has been divided between the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) and the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

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