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Mining and metallurgy, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering were the strong pillars of industry when the museum was founded at the start of the 20th century. The large objects of these groups, such as the hydroelectric generation set of the Ruetz Power Station in Tyrol, as well as the demonstration mine, still leave their mark on the profile of the historical collections from the second half of the 19th century. A new focus of the work of the collections is renewable energy.

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Electrical Engineering
  • FA-114180

    Alliance machine

    Fiat Lux! The strong light of the arc lamp was used for lighthouses and military purposes.

  • FA-123448

    Cut-away Maxon motor RE 16

    Small but mighty! There is a wide range of possible uses for DC motors, not just in space.

  • FA-123354

    Egger electric motor

    When men of God build machines, Part 2: Martin Egger failed with his electric motor, which was never built.

  • FA-123527

    Gramme dynamo

    From the World Exhibition to Berndorf: cutlery was plated and streets lit by use of the dynamo.

  • FA-123352

    Mercury-arc rectifier

    Mercury-arc rectifiers were used until around 1960 for the rectification of high outputs. This model arrived at the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) in 1929, after being honoured at the World Exhibition in Barcelona.

  • IMG_3063_bearbeitet-2.jpg

    Model of the Zwentendorf nuclear power station

    The Zwentendorf nuclear power station is the only one in the world that was never connected to the grid after completion. In a referendum in 1978, a slight majority was against its commissioning.

  • FA-123637

    SF6 high-voltage switching station

    The space-saving miracle: at the end of the 1990s, the SF6 high-voltage switching station was the smallest 123-kV switching station in the world.

  • Trafo von der Firma BARTH

    Three-phase dry-type transformer, type DTG 40/20

    Transformers are used to adjust electrical voltage levels. This is so that electrical appliances can be operated properly, but also to be able to generate high voltages.

  • FA-121778

    Turbine and generator from the Ruetz power station

    No smoking please: The Ruetz power station provided the current for the locomotives of the electric Mittenwald railway.

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