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Apart from the older collections groups of structural engineering and fire protection, this collection area was put together during the 20th century. The expansion of the range of the collection to include the use of technical objects in everyday life using the groups of domestic technology, municipal infrastructure, games, sport and home and garden also meant a new orientation of the traditional understanding of museums and technology.

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  • FA-122369

    “Delphin” Water Filter Type No. 95, 1910

    How is water purified? There is a nice collection of water filters from the time period around 1900 in the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum).

  • FA-123416

    Fan heater INDOLA FS-7, around 1970

    This fan heater looks like it could also have been used by aliens to land on earth. Once activated, the heating coils can be seen glowing red behind the vent.

  • FA-123485

    Frankfurt kitchen facility, 1928

    Eat-in kitchen or purely functional working kitchen? The exhibition "Everyday life – an instruction manual" offers a well-known contribution to this topic in the form of an original kitchen from the "new Frankfurt" from around 1928.

  • FA-109639

    Gas incandescent light bulb “Auer light”, around 1905

    Gas versus electricity: Carl Auer von Welsbach’s gas incandescent light provided competition to Thomas A. Edison’s electric light. It was brighter than electric light, at reduced gas consumption.

  • FA-122362

    Screw-in sockets with bulb socket, around 1920

    The screw-in socket also used to be called an “electricity thief”. It enabled the use of the so-called “lighting current” for other purposes without payment.

  • FA-114743

    Table fan AEG GT22 , 1922

    Moving air is a source of refreshment. Along with irons, ventilators are among the first electrical devices developed for the household and workplace.

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