Collection area: Everyday Life

Apart from the older collections groups of structural engineering and fire protection, this collection area was put together during the 20th century. The expansion of the range of the collection to include the use of technical objects in everyday life using the groups of domestic technology, municipal infrastructure, games, sport and home and garden also meant a new orientation of the traditional understanding of museums and technology.

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Household Technology
  • FA-123640

    "Figaro" drying hood, 1910 - 1920

    In around 1910, a fresh breeze swept through the hairdressing salons. The invention of shampoos and so-called "hot air showers" led to hairwash being offered in hairdressing salons.

  • FA-123402

    "Piccolo" universal household appliance and "Do-It-Yourself" tool kit

    Mixing, grating, grinding, juice extraction, vacuum cleaning, blow-drying, disinfecting, spray-painting, sawing, drilling, sanding - the Piccolo can do all of this if the motor is combined with the corresponding attachment.

  • FA-124197

    "Triumph" tub washing machine, approx. 1900 - 1920

    Hard work, hands strained by hot soapy water and cold washing water – the path leading to modern-day automatic washing machines was long and required numerous innovations.

  • FA-122352

    Electric wet shaver "Sirama" with flashlight battery, 1933

    Wet or dry? This question only arose after the invention of the new electric shaving heads in 1930. The electric wet-shaver was an intermediate step on the way to modern-day shavers.

  • FA-118306

    Espresso machine "Faema Nettuno", 1950s

    There are various ways of making coffee: only the high pressure used for making espresso dissolves the aromatic coffee oils in such a way that the richly aromatic "crema" is formed.

  • FA-123596

    Icebox, approx. 1900 - 1940

    Nowadays, the storage of cool drinks and fresh groceries is taken for granted. Prior to the invention of the fridge, however, this required a great deal of effort and was not always possible.

  • FA-121666

    Mechanical vacuum cleaner, approx. 1890 - 1910

    Dust is dangerous and we are surrounded by it - this perception came about from 1850 onwards. Dust removal became the driving force for technical development. The vacuum cleaner is one product of these endeavours.

  • Kochkiste olso Krieg und Technik

    The OLSO haybox

    During the war, coal was not only in scarce supply, it was also rationed. Economical heaters and cookers were meant to alleviate the hardships. Kocht mit Kochkiste! [Cook with a haybox!] was one of many recommendations.

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