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Merged from various holdings, the collection area of information and communication today covers the collection groups of radio and television, audio and video, musical Instruments, typesetting and printing, photography and film, telecommunication, post, the office and data processing. Allotted to these groups are many object types that have been produced during the rapid growth of the consumer-goods industry since the 19th century. As a consequence, in putting together the collection we have to deal with an almost incalculable wealth of historical objects.

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Data Processing
  • FA-111604


    The Arithmometer by Charles Xavier Thomas can perform all the basic mathematical calculations, thus yielding time savings for the commercial sector. 

  • FA-112004

    Atari Portfolio

    In the 1990s, Personal Computers are becoming increasingly compact. Laptops are based on the size of a briefcase, PDAs on the size of a coat pocket.

  • FA-112725


    The radio communication of the German army in World War II, which is encrypted by the Enigma cipher machine, can soon be decrypted and evaluated by the allied forces. 

  • FA-108710


    Punch cards make it possible to quickly process large amounts of data. They are used for civilian as well as military purposes.

  • 19110-001_1308423 #_Mailüfterl

    Mailüfterl [May breeze] transistorised computer

    After the Second World War, calculator installations were initially equipped with valves and transistors, and later with microchips, heralding the age of the modern computer.

  • FA-110868

    Minicomputer PDP 11/40

    With the use of transistors, the reliability of computers is enhanced and they become increasingly compact. As a result, a growing amount of work processes are automated and rationalised.

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