Collection area: Information & Communication

Merged from various holdings, the collection area of information and communication today covers the collection groups of radio and television, audio and video, musical Instruments, typesetting and printing, photography and film, telecommunication, post, the office and data processing. Allotted to these groups are many object types that have been produced during the rapid growth of the consumer-goods industry since the 19th century. As a consequence, in putting together the collection we have to deal with an almost incalculable wealth of historical objects.

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  • FA-110565

    Coupé-Landauer, Type XX

    Apart from conveying mail, stagecoaches also transport travellers. An extensive network of travel routes is set up, which exists until the era of railway transportation comes into being.

  • FA-110502


    After postmen were initially only responsible for collecting mail consignments, a comprehensive postal delivery service is eventually established.

  • FA-112650

    Letterbox with collection bag

    The increase in business and private correspondence in the 19th century requires a standardised transportation system and leads to the introduction of stamps, envelopes and post boxes.

  • FA-112350

    Pneumatic dispatch station

    At the end of the 19th century, the increase in inner-city communication traffic entails the set-up of new media networks. Post and telegraphy are joined by telephony as well as a subterranean pneumatic dispatch system.

  • FA-110641

    Stamp-vending machine

    Apart from the classic postal services, the Austrian Post also takes over the telegraph and telephone operations; the organisation continues to operate a pneumatic mail service and provides the possibility to make money orders.

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