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Merged from various holdings, the collection area of information and communication today covers the collection groups of radio and television, audio and video, musical Instruments, typesetting and printing, photography and film, telecommunication, post, the office and data processing. Allotted to these groups are many object types that have been produced during the rapid growth of the consumer-goods industry since the 19th century. As a consequence, in putting together the collection we have to deal with an almost incalculable wealth of historical objects.

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Typesetting and Printing
  • FA-123861


    In the mid 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg develops movable type printing, thereby setting the foundation for modern book culture. 

  • FA-112429

    Columbian Press

    The use of cast iron instead of wood in printing press manufacture makes book printing more efficient. In the era of revolutions, the demand for printed products rises. 

  • FA-123558

    Linotype Simplex

    The Linotype typesetting machine makes it possible to set thousands of letters per hour via a keyboard, thereby making hand composition redundant.

  • FA-110582

    Lithographic star-wheel press

    From 1800 onwards, lithography becomes the main method of producing picture prints –everything from playing cards to landscape illustrations.

  • FA-112418

    Three-colour Half-tone Printing

    At the end of the 19th century, George Meisenbach develops half-tone printing, a procedure enabling the print of photographs in the press. 

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