Collection area: Information & Communication

Merged from various holdings, the collection area of information and communication today covers the collection groups of radio and television, audio and video, musical Instruments, typesetting and printing, photography and film, telecommunication, post, the office and data processing. Allotted to these groups are many object types that have been produced during the rapid growth of the consumer-goods industry since the 19th century. As a consequence, in putting together the collection we have to deal with an almost incalculable wealth of historical objects.

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  • FA-112495

    Army telegraph

    In World War II, mobilisation orders via radio signals and telex allow warfare command over large distances of several thousands of kilometres.

  • FA-111970

    Ericsson GH 688

    Extensive cell phone networks, uniform wireless networking standards and powerful cell phones revolutionise telephony. However, users can also easily be monitored.

  • FA-108979

    Morse station with ink recorder

    The telegraph developed by Samuel F. B. Morse transmits messages using long and short electric impulses according to the so-called Morse alphabet.

  • FA-112751

    Siphon recorder

    Overland and submarine telegraph cables effect increased global networking. By means of telegraphic transmission, news spreads around the world in no time at all.

  • FA-108801

    Wall-mounted telephone

    At the end of the 19th century, the business community discovers the advantages of the telephone. Telephone exchanges are quickly set up, initially with hundreds, but soon with thousands of connections.

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