Collection area: Production Technology

This area covers the artisanal and industrial production technology used in agriculture and forestry, wood and metal processing, textile manufacture, the production of foodstuffs and luxury foods, glass, ceramics and the chemical industry, as well as the paper industry. With almost one half of all the objects and a series of special historical collections, it characterises the profile of the museum to a large extent. In the future, the area will increasingly focus on the documentation of new materials.

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Food, Beverages and Tobacco
  • FA-123641

    Bread roll notching machine, Ringl Patent, c 1930

    The Kaisersemmel is a type of bread roll that translates literally as ‘imperial bread roll’ – but where does this name actually come from? From a Viennese baker called Kayser? Or is it the ultimate accolade for the best of the best? Or is it derived from the Italian a la casa, as the speciality of the house?

  • FA-124595

    Cube bars, sugar, 1st half of the 20th century

    Picture the scene: the Moravian town of Dačice (in what is now the Czech Republic) in the early 1840s, and Juliana Rad has just injured herself trying to break off pieces of sugar. What was in itself an unremarkable incident is widely regarded as the hour of birth of the sugar cube.

  • Erzeugnisse der Kartoffeltrocknung

    Erzeugnisse der Kartoffeltrocknung

    Unfortunately this article is only available in German.

  • FA-123908_Zigarettenfabrik

    Model of a cigarette factory, 1925-1930

    Tobacco satisfies all kinds of needs, whether it’s taken as snuff, smoked, or chewed. The soaring commercial success of cigarettes began in the late 19th century.

  • FA-118066

    Model of a confectioner’s workshop, 1935

    Mmmh – how mouth-watering is this: doughnuts, croissants, Guglhupf, Cremeschnitten [cream slices], chocolate torte, hazelnut pastries, poppyseed cake, confectionery – and it’s the confectioner that makes them all. And lots more besides.

  • FA-123550

    Model of a steam brewhouse, 1959

    The brewhouse is the heart of any brewery. Here the brew is not quite yet beer, but this is where the wort it needs for its fermentation is added. Hops and malt are not lost here. On the contrary.

  • FA-118051

    Model of the Vienna Dairy, 1906/1907

    Incredible! This stunning model on a scale of 1:12 (approx. 5.6 x 1.9 x 1.5 m) was made in 1906/07 by the employees of the Vienna Dairy – as a miniature of their workplace established in 1901.

  • FA-123465

    Snuff tobacco flacons, early 20th century

    Tobacco was first introduced into Europe following the ‘discovery’ of America. And even though tobacco has been fought against time and time again and condemned for its effects, its use became widespread.

  • FA-123750

    Tonking No 1 rice, Vietnam, first half of the 20th century

    The Commodity Science Collection at the Technisches Museum Wien comprises more than fifty different varieties of rice, underscoring the significance and diversity of one of the world’s most important food staples.

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