Collection area: Technical and Scientific Principles

The "basic sciences of technology" have formed the foundation of the collections since the museum was founded. The long-term, predominant image of technology as an applied science has since given way to a more complex idea of the origins and applications of technology. Astronomy, physics and chemistry help us to understand the macrocosmic and microcosmic structure of the world. 

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  • FA-123669

    Autograph Wild A7 photogrammetric stereoplotter

    Many people rely on accurate maps from which the height of the terrain can be read. These can be created using photogrammetric devices such as the A7.

  • FA-123752

    Depth sounder

    The depth of water cannot be measured using tape measures. Instead, a depth sounder is used for this, which uses ultrasound for measuring depth.

  • FA-124203

    Pair of globes

    Where is my holiday destination located? A map can show us this, but a globe does it much nicer. This way of depicting heaven and earth is centuries old.

  • FA-123658

    TODIS base range finder

    The distance of inaccessible points in open territory cannot be ascertained using tape measures. Optical range finders are used instead.

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