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Wanted: Exhibits for the Technisches Museum Wien

Dream Job: Museum Exhibit

Objects of protest and environmental activism

As a museum exhibit you will be actively contributing towards documenting developments in technology, everyday life and the environment through your own personal history of use. You will be adding what posterity should not be deprived of. We are therefore currently looking for the following, to be included in the collection in the long term, starting immediately:

Objects of protest and environmental activism


  • You were once used as part of a campaign, demonstration, occupation or venture protesting against a particular energy source or site (applies equally to fossil-based energy sources and renewables);
  • You represented a sense of co-determination in Austria’s environmental policy, opened up scope for action, and illustrated a democracy-based approach centred around activism; 
  • In a transitional phase you contributed to a rethink in the energy sector. 


  • Your remit is to broaden our collection’s Energy Section by vividly testifying to the culture of protest or providing personal memorabilia (e.g. banner, flyer, mask, tent, boat, musical instrument, cooking pot, logbook, audio and video recording, and much more)

We offer

  • A permanent position within the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien
  • The opportunity to put in personal appearances as part of exhibitions
  • A preservation order and long-term safekeeping for you as a collection exhibit 
Providing your owner is agreeable that you and your history be handed over to the Museum, please submit your candidacy as a museum exhibit.
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