Alexandra Kneissel
Alexandra Kneissel
Organisational unit
Museum Education Team
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Alexandra Kneissel

Mini-Team Tutor

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

January 2009

My duties include:

Technology needs to be exciting and above all hands-on, especially for our younger visitors at the Museum. The mini-team gives our 2 to 6-year-old visitors the opportunity to explore various themes for themselves, such as gravity, magnetism or electricity. My job is to explain and illustrate the exhibits, answer any questions the children and their parents ask me, or simply play with the little ones. I also make sure that the “mini” area stays nice and tidy and that none of the toys gets damaged. At weekends I also demonstrate simple experiments at scheduled times that allow the children to actively take part themselves.
The most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing the children’s big smiles – or a simple “thank you” from their parents.

I think the Vienna Technical Museum is well worth a visit because it opens up lots of different areas of technology to visitors young and old – i.e. hands-on technology. And it’s not just the Museum itself, but all its employees as well as the Museum’s educators and the “mini” tutors who are constantly seeking to give visitors an exciting insight into the world of technology.

My recommendation for you:

The mini
Screaming Booth (E3 – Everyday Life
Linz-Donawitz converter (E2 – Heavy Industry)

Area of organisation:

Museum Education Team, the mini-Team


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