Christopher Roither
Christopher Roither
Organisational unit
Museum Education Team
+43 (1) 89998 - 3565
christopher.roither [YWZmZW5rbGFtbWVy] tmw.at
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Christopher Roither

Museum Educator & Event-Coordinator

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

September 2010

My duties include:

I’m part of the Museum Educator Team at the Technisches Museum Wien. That means you’ll spot me here and there throughout the Museum, at workshops, on guided tours, at children’s birthday parties, and various projects.
What I particularly enjoy about my work is how much fun our young visitors can be, with their inexhaustible supply of clever and cheeky quips. And my job is to get them interested in all the wonderful technical inventions and discoveries. It’s a real win-win situation!

The Technisches Museum allows me to discover new things every day. Many of the exhibits on show never cease to amaze me. The countless stories that underlie these technological achievements allow our visitors to slip into the shoes of their inventors. For instance the first manned flight by the Wright brothers in their aeroplane lasted a mere twelve seconds and yet it has become a piece of eternity – and a great moment in the history of technology to be relived time and time again. Viewed from a bygone age, all these inventions are even more wonderful. That’s why I always tell people who are planning a visit to our Museum to allow plenty of time for their dreams ... it’s really worth it!

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