Dr. Roswitha Muttenthaler

Custodian, Everyday Life Collection Area

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

October 1992

My duties include:

I am responsible for the expansion, development, documentation and scientific support for the household technology collection group:

  • Drawing up, reflecting on and updating the collection concept 
  • Collecting and documenting exhibits and their context 
  • Researching exhibits and how household technology has evolved 
  • Educating through exhibitions and publications 
  • Providing support with enquiries relating to exhibits

I also work as curator for exhibitions:

  • Drawing up a concept in accordance with the choice of exhibits and exhibition resources 
  • Working together with exhibition design, graphics and education 
  • Compiling texts

Main areas of research:

I work on the history of technology in households and collection and exhibition practices in museums.
I also work as a freelance museologist specialising in research and lecturing, for instance at the Zurich University of the Arts. (see download)

My recommendation for you:

For those of you who like coffee, take a look at the café-themed exhibition; you’ll be surprised by the sheer variety of coffee machines and the different ways of preparing coffee.

For those of you who would like to meet a goblin or the future of living, why not take a walk around the yellow circular rooms of the exhibition entitled Everyday Life – Directions for Use.

And for those of you who want to get serious about dealing with an everyday irritation, why not visit the ancestral gallery of vacuum cleaners and study dust samples on show at the Everyday Life – Directions for Use exhibition.

Objects under my responsibility

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