Gudrun Weisz

Museum Educator

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

Sept. 2013

My duties include:

As a mathematician and astronomer I’ve always got my analytical goggles on. Walk through the world with watchful eyes and you cannot help but observe scientific phenomena and spot technical riddles wherever you look. And of course the question that immediately springs to mind is: why? How does that work? What’s behind it?

For me the Technisches Museum Wien is a huge collection of phenomena and riddles such as these – and they all need to be solved! So I’m here to accompany visitors on this journey of discovery. We have so much on offer: from deep inside the Earth to the depths and darkness of the mine with all its dangers, to the world of energy (generation) and the global problem of energy supply, not to mention the vast expanses of the universe – and beyond! My travel companions on this journey are as diverse as the destinations themselves. And that’s what makes it so exciting for me! Adapting one and the same theme to each individual group is a challenge I really enjoy. So whether it’s children of kindergarten age or senior citizens, scientists or people who have otherwise never come into contact with technology before – it’s the variety that makes the spice!

The Technisches Museum Wien would not be true to its name if it did not provide an opportunity to track how technology has evolved across the centuries. Technology is a constant companion in all our lives and its development is therefore a key aspect of our own history as human beings. The Technisches Museum allows us to pause, look back and wonder: how did we get to this stage? But the journey doesn’t end there; it also takes us to the latest technological visions of the future in our special exhibitions. Will robots become the geriatric nurses of the future? If so, how far down that road are we already? Will we ever be able to colonise Mars? What sort of problems can we expect to encounter? All of this (and more) can be found under one roof: and that’s my place of work!

My recommendation:

Explore the hands-on installations at the Nature & Knowledge exhibition. Complex physical correlations will instantly become clear. Or discover the instruments used in astronomical navigation at the Shipping exhibition. Will you be able to figure out how they worked?
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