Jakob Schweikhardt

“mini” tutor

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

April 2008

My duties include:

The mini offers countless opportunities for interacting with our younger guests as well as a colourful programme of activities. The Technisches Museum Wien is a particularly child-friendly museum. It’s a policy we implement right across the board and nowhere more so than at its core, the mini on Level 3. Every day lots of excited children find their way to me through the brightly coloured doorway. Once inside, the more intrepid explorers among them as well as the more cautious sceptics discover a world of knowledge that’s not just lots of fun, but also well thought-out. They intuitively mix fun & games with an innate pioneering spirit as they make their way through the exhibition. I’m there to offer help and advice with all the seemingly inexplicable events and phenomena they encounter. What can computers do for us? What secrets does the theme-specific mini-Nano sector have in store? Where does this colourful slide actually go? I’m there in a supportive capacity to assist parents or guide the children along. I also act as the “sheriff” who maintains law and order, the “professor” enlightening the astonished faces, and the “gatekeeper” ensuring there is no overcrowding in the mini area.

I feel the Technisches Museum Wien is always worth a visit because it pulls off the delicate balancing act between knowledge and experience. Valuable information is conveyed eloquently in words and amazingly in images. I particularly want to emphasise all the hard work of the Museum Education Team, who take such good care of visitors young and old, and make every guided tour of the Museum so exciting.

My recommendation for you

The mini
Musical Instruments Exhibition (E4)

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