Mag. Caroline Haas

Custodian of the Musical Instruments collection group

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:


My duties include:

As custodian: expanding, developing, documenting and providing scientific support for the Musical Instruments collection group, which comprises the subgroups of keyboard, organ, wind, reed, string, idiophonic, self-playing and electronic instruments. As curator: conceptual formulation and continual updating of the exhibition collection of musical instruments. Content development for audio and film stations. Working on the complete inventory of the Museum’s collections. Curatorial assistance with special exhibitions. International contacts and conference attendances.

My key areas of research:

Electronic instruments from experimental to avant-garde to pop music Possibilities (and impossibilities) with regard to exhibiting musical instruments

My recommendation for you:

The Musical Instruments exhibition. Ever seen a bowed clavier or a giraffe piano? Be amazed at the technological ingenuity of the pioneers of electronic music – and don’t forget to sample our sound and film clips!

Objects under my responsibility

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