Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Pensold

Custodian, Information and Communication Collection Area

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

July 1999

My duties include:

As custodian, expanding, developing, documenting and providing support for the collection groups on Radio & TV, Audio & Video, Photography & Film, Typesetting & Printing.
As curator, conceptual formulation and staging of the media.worlds exhibition: overall concept for the actual exhibition and its virtual dimensions; captioning, development of graphics, layout and media furniture, development of content for interactive applications, development of a virtual 3D museum.

My key areas of research:

  • History of the media system in Austria since the modern age
  • History of the press and news agency
  • History of radio and TV in Austria
  • History of news coverage on film in World War II
  • History of the Enigma
  • History of photo journalism 

My recommendation for you:

The media.show virtual museum in the media.worlds.

Objects under my responsibility

Member of