Mag. Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau
Mag. Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau
Organisational unit
Exhibition Organization
+43 (1) 89998 - 1300
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Mag. Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau

Head of Department Special Exhibitions

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

March 2000

My duties include:

As Head of the Special Exhibitions Department I am responsible for all the Department’s activities. Both the strategic programming and the development, planning, conceptual formulation and implementation of individual exhibition projects are under my direct responsibility:

  • Planning the programme of special exhibitions 
  • Project development for special exhibitions
  • Project management for exhibitions
  • Curating of exhibitions
  • Concept and editorship of exhibition catalogues
  • Conceptual formulation and planning of side events for exhibitions
  • Joint ventures with partners from museum, art, science and business sectors for special exhibitions

For me a special exhibition is like an interdisciplinary laboratory where themes and theories, ideas and narratives are drawn up and then implemented into a space, and translated into images and sequences of images. This requires all kinds of different skills and disciplines and a great many “translators” who, over a period of one to two years, are able as a team to develop their ideas for an exhibition and make them a reality for our visitors. The Special Exhibitions Department operates at the interface with every conceivable department within the Museum and, together with our curators, designers, educators, restorers, marketing experts and many others, it implements the temporary exhibition projects of the Technisches Museum.

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