Mag. Helene Wagner

Deputy Head of Department & Project Management for Special Exhibitions

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

July 2008

My duties include:

Together with the Head of Department I work on the strategic planning for forthcoming exhibitions. In my capacity as Project Manager my duties are as diverse as the themes of our exhibitions. They include:

  • Project planning, project control and project management
  • Management of exhibition contents
  • Production planning
  • In-house communication and external communication, jointly with the Marketing Dept.
  • Joint ventures as part of the exhibitions
  • Planning and management of the framework programme for exhibitions
  • Website editorial team

For me, putting on an exhibition means conveying stories and topics from the world of technology to our visitors in the most exciting and accessible way. Special exhibitions allow us to remain topical and respond to current issues as and when required. I really enjoy the opportunity to explore entirely new topics and also working with people from all walks of life. What’s more, being involved in developing a new project is always exciting: it begins with a vague idea and culminates in an exhibition that very often becomes hands-on for visitors, especially here at the Technisches Museum.

My projects:

Macht Musik, 2010 (Making Music)
Schifter macht Jazz, 2010 (Schifter is into Jazz)
Roboter. Maschine und Mensch?, 2012 (Robots. Man and Machine?)

My recommendation for you:

Our workshop places often sell out very quickly so make sure you find out in plenty of time about the education and framework programmes available with all our special exhibitions!

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