Manuel Bachlechner

Head of Team, Events & Leasing

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

April 2009

My duties include:

At the Technisches Museum Wien I am responsible for Events & Leasing. And as a security officer I am also on the Technisches Museum’s safety & security team. 

1. Leasing of the Museum premises

  • Acquisition
  • Management 
  • Implementation

2. In-house events

  • Exhibition openings
  • Events relating to the programme accompanying special exhibitions
  • Press conferences

3. Co-operation and sponsoring events

4. Technical support for event technology

For me, events are now an essential tool – whether it’s our corporate image, customer acquisition, strengthening customer ties, or recognising the achievements of our people.
No other form of “advertising” is as emotive and as long-lasting in terms of impact on the awareness of consumers. And of course, in this context, the choice of location is crucial.
As a venue for an event the Technisches Museum offers a unique setting with fully customisable design and layout options.
So if you have any questions or queries relating to events, I am more than happy to be of assistance.

My recommendation for you:

  • Long Night of the Museums
  • The Technisches Museum by night experience (when booking an event)
  • Our current special exhibition
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