MMag. Bernadette Decristoforo
MMag. Bernadette Decristoforo
Organisational unit
Exhibition Organization
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MMag. Bernadette Decristoforo

Head of the "New Mobility" permanent exhibition project

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

July 2006

My duties include:

Since September 2012 I have headed up the permanent exhibition project entitled New Mobility, scheduled to open in autumn 2014. It explores the theme of mobility from different points of view as well as future questions. Previously I was in charge of exhibition projects in the Special Exhibitions Department and Deputy Head of Department.
My duties include strategic planning, overall responsibility and implementation of specific exhibition projects.

My duties:

  • Strategic planning, budgeting and management of exhibition projects
  • Curating exhibition areas – especially for our younger visitors and their families
  • Project management and project controlling
  • Process management
  • Production planning
  • Exhibition evaluation and quality assurance
  • Resource planning & team management
  • Publications on exhibitions
  • Joint ventures and framework programmes for exhibitions 

With no two exhibitions ever the same, my duties are both varied and wide-ranging in scope. I have to interact with lots of different people at the Museum as each exhibition project is always made up of different teams. On average my team and I work on an exhibition for around two years, from the initial idea to the official opening.
For me an exhibition is the perfect medium for conveying multi-layered content, opening up plenty of scope for action, reflecting on current issues, and stimulating debates.

My previous projects include:

Eco-friendly mobility: 2008
body.check – High-tech for our health: 2009
AT WORK – The exhibition on the dynamics of working life: 2011
AT WORK hands-on exhibition, 2011
New Mobility (working title): 2014

My recommendation for you:

The AT WORK exhibition offers lots of different insights into workplace dynamics. Whether you want to see historical exhibits or experience a more playful approach, there’s something for everyone in both exhibition sections.

The catalogue on the AT WORK exhibition contains lots of exciting features on professions that have now long disappeared, Museum exhibits, and how Paradise and work might be linked.

The children’s book series entitled Abenteuer Sehen, Abenteuer Spielplatz, Abenteuer Hören und Abenteuer Roboter [Seeing Adventure, Playground Adventure, Listening Adventure and Robot Adventure] are a fun and playful way of explaining various themes relating to technology.

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