Sabrina Kloiber, BA

Museum Educator

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

October 2011

My duties include:

Our Museum is the perfect place for explorers of all ages. The Technisches Museum Wien consists of 22,000 m² packed full of intriguing and exciting exhibits. From exhibits too large to overlook, like the cross-section of a locomotive, to a few grains of moon rock – not to mention the good old toothbrush. For all their differences these objects all have one thing in common: behind each and every one of them is an exciting slice of history that’s definitely worth knowing and exploring.

As a museum educator I am fortunate to be able to embark every day on yet another exciting and rewarding journey of discovery through our Museum in the company of visitors, and my job is to provide background information on the exhibits and explain the scientific and technological principles. For me, the Museum’s educational remit revolves around conveying a sense of the technological achievements and scientific findings on show at the Museum to our guests and making them relevant to their lives. That way they are better able to understand how technology is used in their everyday lives. I have always been fascinated by the cultural and historical links and the impact of technological development on the lives of us human beings. How did the introduction of mass transportation change life in our towns and cities? How is life on Earth influenced by humankind’s venture into space? How did the invention of the telephone affect the way we communicate and exchange information?

When I’m not taking visitors on a guided tour of the Museum, the mine or the (literally) electrifying high-voltage demonstration, you‘ll find me working as a tutor in the (in)finite expanses of our special exhibition on SPACE. I’m there on site to answer any questions our visitors may have and help them try out our hands-on installations for themselves.

My recommendation for you:

  • For all you kids who always wanted to be detectives, I strongly recommend the workshop entitled Warning – Top Secret!
  • The gyroscope at the SPACE special exhibition is perfect for all our dynamic and highly active visitors
  • The mine 

…and finally my favourite recommendation of all: come and see us more often! Even as a regular visitor there’s always something new to discover.

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