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Eletricity and Magnetism Experiments

Experiments at home, KW 14

School's closed, but your thirst for knowledge doesn't take a break? Here you will find exciting experiments on electricity and magnetism. How is a spark generated? Why do magnets attract or repel each other?

Magnetism and electrical energy are elementary forms of energy on our earth and have influenced our planet since its formation. The Earth's magnetic field protects us from cosmic radiation, lightning and charged particles are not insignificant for the origin and development of life. The generation and conversion of electricity also permeates the life experience of our children: the crackling or a spark when taking off their sweaters, electricity and light in the household, sounds and music of electronic devices or lightning and thunder in the sky during a thunderstorm. With our experiments on electricity and magnetism, children playfully explore these properties. Electricity and magnets have power. How do these forces arise and how can these forces be used? Discover the phenomena of charging and discharging objects through friction, the conductivity of objects, the attraction and repulsion forces of magnets.

Our experiments are fun for the whole family. The degree of difficulty of the experiments is indicated by one to three balloons per experiment on the sheet. The experiments are easy to understand, fun and provide an AHA-experience. Only harmless objects are needed, which can be found in every household. All experiments can be carried out individually and independently. See what you have in store and marvel together, there is a lot to discover!

At Downloads you'll find a german version of our experiments for the whole family (children 4+ years) for free. Have your children done an experiment? Share with us the best results on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtags #TechnikKinderleicht and #tmvienna !

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Please observe our safety instructions! Food that has been used for experimentation must no longer be eaten.
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