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Workshop for children (from 4–7 years)

Make way – here we come!

Kinder 4–7 Jahre

Are you as fast as a car, a ship or even an airplane? If so, then jet through the Mobility exhibition with us. Together we’ll explore everything that flies through the air, floats on water, and races across the land.

Join us on an exciting journey of adventure. Find out how come airplanes fly, ships don’t sink, and the front wheel of a penny farthing is nearly as big as a human being. Discover which modes of transport are propelled by steam, which ones glide, go against the current, or use muscle power to move along.

Once you’ve found out all there is to know, we’ll test you at the end to see how fast you really are!


about60 Minutes

Group size:

max. 6 Persons


Erwachsene:EUR 5.50+Admission Tickets
Kinder unter 19 Jahren:EUR 5.50+Admission Tickets
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The tour will be held in German. If you would like to take part in a tour held in English, please request your possibilities at wissensvermittlung@tmw.at or Tel. +43 1 89998 3001 (Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00).
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