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Family tour (Children from 7–12 years)

Man – The Environment – Technology

Protecting the environment is something that concerns us all! You’ve probably already talked about how important this is with your family. So why not come to the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) and find out what we can all do to protect our planet.

Why is it getting warmer all the time on Earth just because we enjoy driving around in our cars – and why is it a problem? Why is our rubbish piling up into huge mountains of refuse? How can you use sun, wind and water to generate energy without destroying nature in the process? On this exciting guided tour you’ll find out some amazing facts about the environment – and how easy it actually is to protect it.


about45 Minutes

Group size:

max. 28 Persons


Erwachsene:EUR 3.50+Admission Tickets
Kinder unter 19 Jahren:EUR 3.50+Admission Tickets
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The tour will be held in German. If you would like to take part in a tour held in English, please request your possibilities at wissensvermittlung@tmw.at or Tel. +43 1 89998 3001 (Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00).
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