• Zugeschnitten_Ada.jpg © Technisches Museum Wien, Foto: Klaus Pichler
Wäre Ada ein Mann...Frauen in Technik, Naturwissenschaften und Medien.

Die neue „Frauengalerie“

Acht Starke Frauen in Technik und Wissenschaft

To mark International Women’s Day the Technisches Museum Wien is organising a guided tour entitled Patente Frauen [Patently Ingenious Women] on March 10. 

Since ancient times women and men alike have made remarkable achievements in natural science and technology, and yet all too often women have not received the recognition they deserve. For years the Technisches Museum Wien has sought to draw attention to the brilliant work of outstanding women. With the help of exhibition texts and the Patente Frauen guided tour, the focus here is placed on their ideas, developments and achievements, establishing a personal connection with technology and the history of technology. 

The tour will be held in English.

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