Who owns PINK?

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Got an exciting story or anecdote to tell about the colour pink or a pink object you’d like to share with the Technisches Museum Wien? In preparation for its forthcoming exhibition the Museum is reaching out and asking people to share with the Museum their opinions, stories and objects about the colour pink – so we’re looking forward to your contribution!

The colour pink has been the focal point of a research project by the Technisches Museum Wien since 2017. A new collection group has been set up, and lots of new objects and exhibits have already been included in the collection. The objects stored in our depots have been reviewed in terms of their colours. In November, various project findings are to be presented as part of an installation and also posted online.

Right now, some of the attributes associated with the colour pink include childlike, fun, seductive, artificial, and soft: properties that are also often still associated with femininity. Pink has also deliberately been used by many social and community groups for a wide range of campaigns such as the fight against breast cancer and in connection with women’s and LGTBIQ+ rights, etc. All of which means that the colour pink often (re-)produces gender clichés; at the same time pink is also the colour of social change. These contradictory connotations inherent in one and the same colour are a relatively recent phenomenon, and in some cultures (e.g. in India) it is not even a topic, even today.

We as human beings are the ones who invest colours with all sorts of meanings, which is why we’re interested in getting to know our visitors’ viewpoints, their memories, concerns and wishes when it comes to these connotations. That way we can collect and document all the many facets of the colour pink.

So we’d love to find out more about your stories, associations, photos and offers of objects in connection with the colour pink! Why not drop us an email and bring in to the Museum whatever you think posterity should not be deprived of!


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