Past Exhibitions


  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    Jun. 2016 - Mai 2018

    The urban future

    Experiencing close-up the process of innovation in our cities today and in the future.

  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    NOV. 2016 - Mrz 2018


    People have played Quartets since the mid-19th century and done so in different countries, according to different rules, and for different purposes.

  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    JUL. 2015 - OKT. 2016

    Iconography and Technique

    You will never have seen our exhibits this way before!

  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    Mai 2014 - Mai 2015

    Under the watchwords of war and technology

    The exhibition’s central theme is total warfare, a phenomenon that impacted all segments of society. Seven stations explore the relationship between war and the population in general, and war and the Museum in particular.
  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    Okt. 2013 - Jän. 2015


    Blasting off into space to explore it and, who knows, perhaps even colonise it one day? The dream of outer space is as topical today as it was centuries ago.
  •  © Technisches Museum Wien
    Jun. 2011 - Jul. 2014

    Going live

    This exhibition follows the footsteps of the Viennese doctor Stefan Jellinek.
  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    DEZ. 2012 - DEZ. 2013


    Robots are to be found everywhere – but where exactly? Well, at the Technisches Museum Wien for one!
  • © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek
    FEB. - SEP. 2013

    NEW and GOOD: Innovations in Biedermeier porcelain from the emperors collection

    The Technical Museum presents a few of the most beautiful pieces of the imperial collection of factory products (the “Fabriksproduktenkabinett”) in the suitable ambience of the Augarten Porcelain Museum.
  • Sep. 2007 - Jun. 2013

    Research adventure

    What do heart pacemakers, batteries and the luggage x-ray machines at airports have in common? They were produced because scientists were searching for new knowledge - irrespective of whether the new knowledge would have a practical use.
  • © Technisches Museum Wien
    MARCH 2012 - MARCH 2013


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