On the History of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum)

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As one of the oldest museums of its kind, the Technisches Museum Wien looks back on more than 100 years of history.

On 20 June 1909 Emperor Franz Joseph laid the foundation stone for the Technisches Museum Wien as we know it today. In 2009 the Museum celebrated the centenary of that splendid day while looking back at the ten-year anniversary of the Museum’s re-opening following its refurbishment and redesign in the 1990s.

There are several ways to find out more about our history.

If you are particularly interested in our collections, use our epoch timeline to find choice exhibits from our stocks from many different decades. Lots of browsing fun in store!

To mark the anniversary of one of the world’s oldest museums of technology, Verlag Carl Ueberreuter published an extensive volume on the Museum’s history. It features an in-depth look at the history of the institution, from the scientific predecessor collections through to the present.

Helmut Lackner, Katharina Jesswein, Gabriele Zuna-Kratky

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ISBN 978-3-8000-7419-8

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