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  • Kampagne IN ARBEIT_Habau_Baustelle © Technisches Museum Wien
  • Kampagne IN ARBEIT_Baustelle © Technisches Museum Wien
  • Kampagne IN ARBEIT_Citylight © Technisches Museum Wien
  • Kampagne IN ARBEIT_Citylight bei Nacht © Technisches Museum Wien
  • Kampagne IN ARBEIT_Sticker © Technisches Museum Wien
  • Eröffnung_IN ARBEIT © Technisches Museum Wien/APA-Fotoservice/Hautzinger
Ausstellungsfolder IN ARBEIT (PDF, 4.5 MB)
Weihnachtskarte IN ARBEIT (PDF, 4.5 MB)
Einladung IN ARBEIT (PDF, 833 KB)

Campaign AT WORK receives 4 awards


At this year's CCA Gala, promotion of the IN ARBEIT exhibition using construction signs was sufficiently impressive to win gold! The campaign also won bronze in the categories of "Advertising in a public space", "Illuminated display boards and rolling boards" and "Display advertising".

In a creative process together with our agency Wien Nord, we were able to bring the complex subject of the exhibition simply and strikingly to the public's attention.

The title as a concept

IN ARBEIT: The title stands for the dynamics of working life and was simultaneously a campaign concept: All media used were still in a process of completion.

An information sign as a key visual

A yellow information sign directly communicated the message of the exhibition. The use of the key visual was specially adapted for each medium in order to display its full effect.

Widespread media use as a pool of creativity

The campaign, which would never be completed, could be seen on rolling boards, illuminated display boards, posters, in magazines and newspapers, online and on information screens as well as at locations with "work in progress".

Even the folder and invitation to the opening were still in progress – they went to press with correction marks by the proof-reader, visible guide lines, handwritten notes and even incorrect images, which generated confusion for the printer´s shop.

On the invitations to the opening, the information sign was stuck on in the form of an electrostatic sticker, and we received a great deal of feedback on the highly imaginative places it was stuck: Laptops, office and toilet doors, homework diaries, refrigerators and many unusual locations in the city.
Even the buffet at the opening was not quite complete, so the visitors to the opening made their hot dogs themselves.

And now some more information:

The oversized IN ARBEIT information sign above the entrance to the exhibition should not keep you away from visiting the comprehensive and exciting exhibition in the Technisches Museum. Have fun! 


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