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In co-operation with ICOM Austria and partner institutions, Austria’s museum association Museumsbund is organising a large-scale initiative on behalf of Austria’s museums. Every day from early May to mid-August 2012 an exhibit from a museum awarded the Austrian seal of quality for museums is to be presented under the "insMuseum.com: 100 Tage – 100 Objekte – 100 Museen" slogan.

The selected exhibits reflect the rich diversity of Austria’s museums while highlighting the wide spectrum of tasks and the potential of museums as an institution in the 21st century.

A high-powered start to the campaign

The Technisches Museum Wien is participating in the initiative with one of its showcase exhibits, the Lohner-Porsche. The vehicle is on show as the first exhibit featured on the insMuseum.com platform. With its electric propulsion system the Lohner-Porsche is more topical than ever – even though it’s more than 100 years old.

Other exhibits from our collection

If you are interested in other exhibits from our collections, check out our epoch timeline containing more than 230 exhibits from our stocks extending over many different decades. The exhibits are interlinked using dynamic pivoting points: the exhibitions, collection sections, chronological and spatial categories and, not least, the members of staff responsible are all linked.

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