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Riddle Rallye Generator

Education project

Compile your very own riddle rally! Discover the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) under your own steam as you try and solve more than 640 tricky questions and tasks.
Available online: since January 2012

Everyone loves a quiz or a puzzle, but not everyone finds them equally intriguing. So while one group of schoolchildren may have more time at its disposal, another might like a bit more excitement, or to be quizzed on one particular subject only. So to offer our visitors a museum experience that’s as personal as possible, we spent a lot of time working on a very special web tool, which we call our Riddle Rallye Generator [Rätselrallye-Generator].

What is the Quiz & Puzzle Generator?

This web tool allows educators, families and all other visitors to the Technisches Museum to compile their own exciting  Riddle Rallye Generator. They can then choose freely from more than 640 questions and tasks, with a total of four levels of difficulty involving eight exhibitions. In fact, solving all the puzzles and all the quiz questions would take around ten days!

How are the questions structured?

Based on the quotation:
“Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I will remember,
Involve me and I will understand…”

we focused mainly on interview questions, arithmetic problems and activity tasks, search and comprehension tasks, and puzzles. There are hardly any “general knowledge” questions where answers can be found without any reading comprehension in the exhibition text. The tasks encourage “active” thinking, not merely copying out answers.

Who worked on the Generator?

Wencke Maderbacher and Benedikt Rohrauer (Education Department) first began the development work on the Riddle Rallye Generator in May 2010. With the support of the Museum Educator Team and the Museum’s own curators they picked a selection of exhibits and compiled the questions. Hermann Tragner and Katharina Marksteiner (Marketing) co-ordinated the implementation on the new web site, in co-operation with BDF-net Agentur für neue Medien and Checkpointmedia Multimediaproduktionen AG.
The educational material was proofread by Christian Nosko and Barbara Zimmermann. They checked all the questions to make sure their formulation was age-appropriate and helped to pick the exhibits. Amir Abou-Roumié added his own distinctive touch to the Riddle Rallye Generator with his amusing artwork.

We also owe a special thank you to the pupils of the primary school at Leystrasse 34, 1200 Vienna and the Vienna secondary school at Roterdstrasse 1, 1160 Vienna, who helped us to test the quiz questions and the puzzles.

The next stage

We want the Riddle Rallye Generator to keep on growing. So we’re planning to expand it by an extra level of difficulty aimed at sixth-form students and adults, and also to incorporate the AT WORK exhibition.

The project was sponsored as part of the education initiative by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) entitled “Cultural Mediation with Schools in Federal Museums 2010”, with the active support of KulturKontakt Austria. 


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