Inventory & Depository Administration

This department administers the entire collection of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum). New acquisitions are inventoried here and thus formally become part of the collection.

Data and photographs of the objects are recorded on a database. The employees in this department are also responsible for the museum storage facilities. More than 90% of our collection of objects is stored here and remain available for research, exhibition and loan.

This forms the basis for the museum’s tasks of researching, exhibiting, and mediating. Collection objects from the depositories are also loaned to other museums and academic institutions - and thus made available to the public.

Registration and inventorying

The curators responsible for specific parts of the collection take receipt of all the purchased and gifted objects worthy of collection and register them. The objects are then added to the inventory. The conservation-restoration department then cleans them, carries out any necessary conservation measures, and packs them for transport and storage. After transportation to the depository, they are stored at a location which is also recorded on the database.
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