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Catalogues and books from the Technisches Museum Wien


Through its publications, the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) wants to reach readers who are interested in technical subjects and the history of technology.
An important task of any museum is the publication of its collected knowledge. Last but not least, we are fulfilling this task through the publication of catalogues and books.

Exhibition catalogues

The Technisches Museum Wien produces an accompanying catalogue for each of its special exhibitions, which presents the objects, provides in-depth content in the form of essays on the subject, and thus is a valuable source of information.

Museum guides

The small, richly-illustrated "highlight guides" on selected exhibits in the museum accompany visitors through the museum's exhibitions.

Blätter für Technikgeschichte (Papers on Technical History)

The periodical "Blätter für Technikgeschichte" (Papers on Technical History) has been published each year - apart from interruptions caused by the war - by the Technisches Museum Wien and the Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Technikgeschichte (ÖFIT) (Austrian Research Institute of Technical History) since 1932. This academic journal is internationally recognised by specialists as well as interested readers.

Publications for children

In collaboration with the Ueberreuter publishing house, a series of children's books is published periodically, supplemented by an interactive CD.

Volume 1 "Abenteuer Sehen" (Vision Adventure) (2010)
Volume 2 "Abenteuer Spielplatz" (Playground Adventure) (2011)
Volume 3 "Abenteuer Hören" (Listening Adventure) (2012)

All publications can be purchased in the shop of the Technisches Museum.

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