Sponsor UNIQA

As Austria's largest art insurance company, UNIQA has for many years been committed to art and culture - with a strong focus on collaboration with Austrian museums.

As Austria's leading health insurer, UNIQA places great value on the health of its own employees, a fact that is manifest in various health campaigns. UNIQA also offers pension plans to all sizes of other companies, and through UNIQA VitalBilanz it stands for innovative HR and organisational development. In tune with this, the current "IN ARBEIT" exhibition throws light on the subjects of health and safety at work, and physical and mental stresses in the workplace in various areas of the exhibition, and indicates precautionary measures to be taken. In addition, the exhibition shows current changes in the world of work and, to illustrate the working world of today, uses models of the UNIQA tower as an example of a modern office building with an "open-space" structure.
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