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Sep. 2010 – Jun. 2011

The power of music


Term: 29 September 2010 – 26 June 2011

Everything is music, at least in the Techisches Museum Wien!
We are rolling out the red carpet of sound for you with the macht musik exhibition. And that includes everything associated with music: Instruments, stages, computers, electronic sound machines, mixing desks and studio technology - everything for listening, taking part and experiencing music!

Not only can you make music, you can also discover the power of music. What part does rhythm play in music and in our lives? How hard is it to construct a piano or violin? What does an acoustic stringed instrument sound like when compared with an electronic one? How have music reproduction and production changed over time?
Stand on an opera stage or move to the beat in the dance hall! Play stringed instruments in a quintet or edit music in a sound studio! All of this and more is at the centre of macht musik - an exhibition in which your eyes will be opened to your ears!

Concert hall: Music can't be exhibited - it has to be made!

And this is exactly what we do in the concert hall. A Neo-Bechstein grand piano, a theremin and a player piano - all highlights from the collection of the Technisches Museum Wien - are played during presentations and provide an unforgettable experience.

Playground: How do you get a triangle to sound?

"Scrapple", the audiovisual installation by the media artist Golan Levin, which was developed in collaboration with the Ars Electronica Center, allows you to create your own composition using everyday objects, which you can hear in real time! Here you can compose without knowing how to play an instrument!

Musical highlights - hearing and participating

The workshops "Frei Spiel" (Free Play) with Cordula Bösze, "Elementares Musizieren - Eine große Uhr" (Elementary Music-Making - A Big Clock) and "Technik macht Pop" (Technology Makes Pop) with Max Hoffmann will take place in the "Music Workshop" activity room with the specialist support of musicians and artists.
Highlights from the basic program include concerts by Otto Lechner, Hans Tschiritsch and Franz Haselsteiner, Matthias Loibner, Katharina Klement and the Chorus sine nomine, a dance evening with the "Some Like It Hot" hepcats, the Ö1 music film night and a series of musical presentations with contributions by Peter Donhauser, Irene Suchy and Alois Hörbiger.

Concept team

An exhibition by DASA – The Arbeitswelt exhibition is supplemented by the Technisches Museum Wien
Project management: Helene Wagner
Curators: Peter Donhauser, Caroline Haas, Ingrid Prucha
Design of concert hall and music workshop: Ursula Emesz
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