Jun. 2008 - Oct. 2008

Efficient Mobility - Zero Emission

Ideas for the transport of the future


Term: 4 June - 19 October 2008

Goodbye to pollutants! This is the motto of this special exhibition awaiting visitors from 4 June to 19 October. The summer months in the Technisches Museum Wien are all about climate-friendly mobility. There is enormous potential for improvement when it comes to transport in particular: 1/3 of energy consumption - and the trend is upwards! - is used for mobility.

Finding solutions for a better climate balance has become an urgent concern for our society. This new exhibition shows the opportunities available for this. It shows, for example, how a hybrid or fuel-cell engine works, clearly explains the correlations between weight, speed, air resistance and carbon-dioxide emissions, and presents, amongst other things, the "Loremo" lightweight vehicle and vehicles powered by natural gas and electricity. Across an area of around 600 m2 is also shown the potential for savings than can be found, simply through improvements in mobility management.

A central message of "climate-friendly mobility" is that everyone can make a contribution to climate protection by making small changes in their own personal behaviour when it comes to mobility.
Simply reach for the bike lock rather than the car keys for travelling short distances, or use public transport, and if the car has to be used, then select an elegant fuel-saving driving style rather than driving at high revs.

Concept team

An exhibition in collaboration with the Life Ministry within the scope of the klima:aktiv mobil campaign, the Austrian Energy Agency and the Federal Environmental Agency
Project management: Bernadette Decristoforo
Curators: Laurenz Seebauer, Andreas Vormaier
Design: Walter Kirpicsenko

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