1980 - 1989

In Austria this decade was characterised by below-average growth rates and a structural crisis, which shook the very foundations of the nationalised industry especially. In the field of technology, the video recorder and the digital camera became part of the collections of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum). Plastics machines ushered in a new age of plastics.

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Collection area: Energy & Mining
  • FA-123423

    Model of a bucket-wheel excavator

    A sandpit dream made steely reality: in the VABE 700, there is some impressive technology hiding behind the name of ‘compact bucket-wheel excavator’.

Collection area: Information & Communication
  • FA-109758

    Philips V2414

    The video recorder opens the doors to additional programme entertainment from video libraries. The video camera makes it possible to record one's private life. 

Collection area: Production Technology
  • FA-123572

    Anger Twin Screw Extruder, 1959/60

    Don’t be fooled! Although this may look like some sort of a ‘handbag’, it actually measures no less than 270 x 110 x 200 cm – and it’s used to process plastics. So what we have here is the rear view of an extruder.

  • FA-119766

    Colonial produce (coffee, tea, cocoa), first half of the 20th century

    Cane sugar, coffee, spices – ever since the Middle Ages and during the colonial period in particular, Europe’s menus were enormously enhanced by natural produce from other regions of the world.

Collection area: Traffic & Transport
  • FA-118569

    AS 355 F-1 Ecureuil 2, built in 1983

    Air rescue ensures that medical assistance reaches the scene of an accident in less than 15 minutes, bringing hospital care on site as quickly as possible.

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Collection area: Energy & Mining
Collection area: Information & Communication
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Collection area: Traffic & Transport
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