Mag. Carla Camilleri

Head of Team, Archives and Library

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

January 2001.

My duties include:

  • Project management for digitising Projects
  • Technical support with the expansion, scientific investigation and documentation of archive collections
  • Co-ordination of the project aimed at processing and conserving the railway archive
  • Co-operation in archive-related research projects and exhibitions
  • Guided tours of the Archives

Main areas of research:

Collections of photographs, history of photography, history of the Museum, digital collections

My recommendations for you:

Take a look at the media.worlds to find out more about the processes and cameras used in the early days of photography.

With a stock of around 160,000 photographs the web presentation "Motorsport in Österreich" impressively documents the way in which motor-sport disciplines have evolved in the course of the 20th century, underscoring the growing interest for motor racing in Austria. Have fun browsing!

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