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Workshop for Children (from 8 - 12 years)

Dream factory

Kinder 8–12 Jahre

Do you know what kind of work you would like to do some day? Maybe you want to be a research scientist, a gardener or a technician? Or how about a computer game tester or inventor of sweets?

Gain your first impressions of the exciting world of work! Our exhibition "In work" will turn into a huge playing field and each player will receive one playing piece. Together we will solve challenging assignments and find out how work has changed in the course of time. Experience how your playing piece changes until, in the end, it has an amusing fantasy profession? Maybe your piece will develop into an inventor of magic wands or to a certified sun lounger tester!? Fantasy has no limits!


about120 Minutes

Group size:

max. 25 Persons


Erwachsene:EUR 7.50+Admission Tickets
Kinder unter 19 Jahren:EUR 7.50+Admission Tickets
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Please note the information age! Children under 8 years are allowed to participate only with an accompanying adult at the workshop.
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